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[] Performance Blooper: Not closing zip and jar files

It was recently brought to our attention in Equinox that closing zip and jar files doesn't close the corresponding streams as specified in the API javadoc. This can result in memory leaks if you don't explicitly close all streams in addition to closing the zip/jar file. Since this is a subtle bug with potentially drastic effects, I thought it worth broadcasting to the Eclipse committer community. You should review your usage of and java.util.jar.JarFile to see if this affects your component. See more details on the Performance Bloopers wiki:

This is a good opportunity to remind everyone about the bloopers page, since it lists many examples we can all learn from to avoid repeating the same performance mistakes.  If you have your own Eclipse performance blooper cases to share, please add them to that wiki page, or enter a bug against Eclipse > Platform > Website with your suggestions. There is also a general Eclipse performance wiki page, where you can add links to additional performance-related tools and sources:

Thanks to contributor Gary Karasiuk for bringing this to our attention (bug 255954).


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