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Re: [] What is appropriate use of this list - introduce a [Foundation] tag

I'm going to have to agree with Ed on this whole thing about the use of this list. I typically subscribe to email distribution lists on individual topics I want to be informed about. The issue for me is that as a Committer I need to stay subscribed to this, but unless it's something really really important from the foundation then it becomes noise to me. I already have enough mailing lists from eclipse in my in box, and get enough email from day to day work activities that it becomes a hassle to wade my way through what I deem not important and then have to delete.

Personally, I like the newsgroup idea but realize that not everybody can get access to newsgroups because of corporate rules, it's the one down fall to newsgroups. I would support a separate mailing list that was called or that we could subscribe to or unsubscribe to. Give the committer a choice in what they are subscribed to and what they want to listen to...If i really want to follow something via the newsgroup type polling, I can go out to the web interface and view the archives.


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