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RE: [] retire usage data feature in Mylyn

This suggestion doesn't make much sense to me.  The UI Usage Reporting
component of the Mylyn Monitor has had at least four major extensions
implemented outside of the Mylyn project and 71 bugs resolved via community
contributions.  So retiring it would take away a facility that has been well
hardened and used.  In addition, the EPP Usage Data Collector is a subset of
the Mylyn facility and has some key differences, which I have summarized

I do hope that Eclipse ends up with a single monitoring facility and have
put considerable effort into helping the EPP Usage Data Collection folks
understand and reuse the Mylyn Monitor.  While I am a bit disappointed that
they chose to do a separate implementation, their requirements were more
straightforward than ours and the Mylyn Monitor framework does have some
significant complexity to it. But it's good to see their effort underway,
and I'm glad that some of the privacy concerns that were primary to our
implementation are also planned to be for the EPP Usage Data Collector.
Mylyn will continue discussing collaboration options with EPP in case it
makes sense to converge the code bases in the future.  I doubt that every
committer will be interested in this discussion, so we can use the following

216059: plan the Ganymede release of the UI Usage Data Collection feature


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> Sent: Saturday, January 19, 2008 11:43 AM
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> Subject: [] retire usage data feature in Mylyn
>   I wonder if it is time to retire the usage data feature in Mylyn?
>   Ian Skerrett announced [1] that Usage Data Collector feature [2] is
> now included with EPP builds [3]. That is making Mylyn's usage
> collector
> somewhat obsolete and since it haven't grown from the sanbox, it may
> make sense to retire it or merge its code (client or server side) with
> the EPP usage collector component.
>   regards,
>   Eugene
> [1]
> [2]
> [3]

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