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Usage Data Collector

The Usage Data Collector (UDC) is a framework for collecting usage data information. It is a lightweight framework that installs listeners on various aspects of the Eclipse workbench, and—from those listeners—gathers information about the kinds of things that the user is doing (i.e. activating views, editors, etc.).

At present, the UDC does not expose any official APIs, though there are several under consideration. The UDC has a notion of monitors. Monitors are Java classes that install various listeners, make sense of what they're listening do and post events to the UDC (which currently manifests as an OSGi service). We have three different monitors: one monitors bundle events, one monitors workbench events, and a third monitors commands. None of the included monitors captures information that we consider private or personal. These monitors do capture the identifiers (ids) of the commands, views, editors, bundles, etc. that are the source of the various events.

The Eclipse Foundation is making use of the UDC to gather information about how the community is making use of Eclipse technology. The Foundation's immediate interest is to provide feedback to the project teams about the use of their technology in the field. The UDC is currently implemented with this purpose in mind (i.e. the exemplary application of the UDC technology is concerned with providing data to the Foundation).

This site is concerned with the technical aspects of the UDC. The Eclipse Foundation has a separate site that is concerned with the issues of data collection, storage on Foundation servers, terms of use, etc.

Please post any questions you have about the UDC on the EPP newsgroup. Open bugs raised against the UDC can be found in Eclipse Bugzilla. Or you can open a new bug (or better yet, use Mylyn to do it!).

If you'd like to help out with the UDC, please join the EPP mailing list. Links to the right (which are better described in the FAQ) will help find the code.

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