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[] Eclipse Project Declaration and Project Announcement

Hello all,

Please see the following Declaration for the Memory Analyzer project, and an announcement from the EMFT project. Thanks.

Declaration for the Memory Analyzer Project

The Memory Analyzer ( is a proposed open source project under the Eclipse Technology Project. The Memory Analyzer is a tool for analyzing HPROF binary heap dumps. The project was motivated by the need to analyze failures of critical systems that crash from OutOfMemory errors.

You are invited to comment on and/or join the project. Please send all feedback to the newsgroup.

Please note: the newsgroup has not yet been created, but should be available within 48 hours.

EMFT Project Announcement

The EMFT project would like to announcement the creation of a new component, EMF4NET. The goal of EMF4Net is to enhance the Eclipse Modeling Framework (EMF) with a code generation facility for the .Net platform. EMF4Net will allow the generation of C# code from Ecore models in the same way that EMF generates Java code.

Neither Ecore nor the EMF code generation facility are limited to Java but provide the ability to generate code for other object-oriented languages. However, the generation of non-Java code alone does not make that code as useful as the Java code generated by EMF, because EMF's core runtime is missing in the non Java languages. Therefore EMF4Net tries to provide a translation of the EMF core runtime for the .Net platform.

All votes for the creation of the component were +1; see 

We will be adding Reinhold Bihler, Deyan Rizov, and Manfred Bottger as EMFT committers.

Ed Merks, EMF/EMFT Project Lead and Modeling PMC Lead

Anne Jacko

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