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[] Committer list open...

As you may know, the mailing list was recently "de-regulated".  That is, it is no long a moderated group.  The mailing list membership is regenerated every night from the Foundation's records so this list is a way of speaking directly with the current committer community.  So why am I telling you this.  Well, in effect, the committer mail list is an untapped resource.  How many of you have had something new you were doing and were unsure where to advertise to find other projects that are interested or affected?  Or thought that there must be something in Eclipse addressing a certain problem but had no real way of finding out?  Given the scope of the committrer list, it is a perfect forum for such news and questions.  Eclipse includes a vast array of interesting an powerful infrastructure bits but our real value is in the combination of these bits to solve problems.  Open communication and cooperation between projects can only further enhance the value and usefulness of Eclipse.  The mailing list is one way of fostering that interaction.


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