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[] Announcement to Eclipse membership - OCL Tools component

Hello all,

Below is a announcement from the Modeling PMC about the OCL Tools component. Thanks.

Anne Jacko


The Modeling PMC has approved creation of an OCL Tools component as part of the MDT Project (see mailing list thread at The OCL Tools component will provide tools to support the editing, refactoring, code generation, execution, and interactive debugging of the OCL constraints given for some underlying (Ecore or UML2) model, building upon the infrastructure provided by the MDT OCL component.


The MDT Project is accepting a code contribution to implement an OCL compiler for its next major release (1.1). This contribution includes the addition of new committers on the MDT project. Details on these committers are below.


Miguel Garcia, STS (Institute for Software Systems), Technische Universitaet Hamburg-Harburg (Germany)
Miguel Garcia was born in San Juan (Argentina) (1971) and studied Software Engineering at Univ. Nac. de San Juan (1990 - 1995). After a four-year stay in industry (developing software for electrical engineering) he returned to academia (M.Sc. at Tech Univ Hamburg-Harburg, Germany, 2000 -  2002) where he's now finishing a PhD involving the application of formal techniques to model-driven software engineering. Contributions to the EMF and OCL technologies are part of Mr. Garcia's PhD research agenda.


A. Jibran Shidqie, STS (Institute for Software Systems), Technische Universitaet Hamburg-Harburg (Germany)
A. Jibran Shidqie was born in Lhokseumawe (Indonesia) (1980) and studied Computer Science at the University of Indonesia (1997 - 2001) where he completed a thesis on text analysis for Indonesian language. After that Mr. Shidqie completed a Master in Information Technology at Tech Univ Hamburg-Harburg (Germany) (2004 - 2007) carrying out a thesis related to what later evolved into the OCL Compiler contributed to the proposed OCL Tools component. Mr. Shidqie plans to start a PhD in a field related to Model-Driven Software Engineering, and in the process make contributions to the technologies mentioned above.


For more information about OCL Tools, contact the project team on the mailing list.


Kenn Hussey
Modeling PMC, MDT Project Lead,  UML2 Project Lead

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