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[] Infrastructure update: Disk space, Bugzilla, Europa retrospective

Greetings committers,

A quick Infrastructure update for you.

1. Disk space usage (not again!?)
2. Bugzilla
3. Europa retrospective
4. IPZilla AutoScans

1. Disk space usage

As our tape backup capacity has been reached, I come before you with my usual song-and-dance, imploring you clean up your downloads and archives space from stale or obsolete files that can be purged.

For reference, here are the golden rules for downloads content:

* Official release builds can be kept forever
  * older releases should be moved to
* stable builds can be kept while they are pertinent (6 months?)
* nightly and I-builds should be deleted after a couple of weeks
* older update site JARs should perhaps be archived as well

Below is a list of each project's disk space usage for both downloads
and archives [1]. If you need assistance in cleaning up, please contact
us. We also welcome cron job suggestions that move/delete files

2. Bugzilla

I've increased the maximum attachment size to 10 MB.  To attach files
larger than 2 MB (up to 10 MB), you must check the "BigFile" option on
the attachment page.

3. Europa retrospective

Kudos to everyone on successfully launching Europa. There are a couple of things I've noticed:

- Some projects still don't use mirrors, or don't take mirrors seriously. Using mirrors is easy, saves tons of bandwidth for bugzilla and CVS, it gives you download stats, and it makes you a good Eclipse Citizen. Most importantly, being a good Eclipse Citizen earns you the right to complain when our site is slow :-)

- Official Releases of high-profile projects need at least 12-24 hours
of mirror time before being made available to the general public.
Without any mirrors to download from, users become frustrated by slow
download speeds and committers become frustrated from our site's slow

Hint: if your project is a top-10 project on the downloads
page, that's a sign you need allow time for mirroring. Please feel free to contact us for assistance with mirror preloading.

4. IPZilla AutoScans

Some committers have expressed confusion as to the reason the Eclipse
Genie is auto-scanning their IPZilla attachments. These auto-scans are
fully automated and currently intended for the IP Team, and we have made
the AutoScan message more apparent of that.

Thanks for reading.  If you have any questions or concerns, or if you
need any assistance, please contact your friendly neighborhood webmaster at:

12G     birt
1.7G    callisto
547M    datatools
1.8G    dsdp
80G     eclipse
13G     modeling
1.6G    releases
4.0G    stp
23G     technology
18G     tools
21G     tptp
17G     webtools
22G     birt
317M    callisto
505M    datatools
563M    dsdp
66G     eclipse
1.8G    modeling
1.5G    technology
7.7G    tools
19G     tptp
15G     webtools


Eclipse WebMaster - webmaster@xxxxxxxxxxx
Questions? Consult the WebMaster FAQ at
View my status at

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