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[] New Bugzilla installed

Greetings committers,

I have upgraded Bugzilla to the latest version this morning. Bugzilla 3.0 adds several new features and fixes a few annoying bugs we had with the previous 2.2. Here are the new features

If the page layout seems broken, you may need to hit your browser's Refresh button, as the UI has changed significantly. While on the subject, I'd like to draw your attention to these bugs:

- New Keyword requested: noteworthy

- LATER/REMIND resolutions. Some committers have sent in requests to have us change all their LATER/REMIND bugs to open/P5 without spamming everyone's Inbox. Now that Europa has shipped, it may be the best time to do some house cleaning.

- New resolution requested: NOT_ECLIPSE -- for those bugs related to third-party code that you have no control over.

Feel free to comment on those bugs, as their outcome may affect our common usage of Bugzilla.



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