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RE: [] RSVP Request: Eclipse Project Meetings in September

My apologies.  I already Have EclipseCon on my brain.  The members meeting will be SEPTEMBER 19th and 20th, not next March.


-        Don


From: [] On Behalf Of Donald Smith
Sent: May 22, 2007 12:48 PM
To: 'Eclipse Committers'
Subject: [] RSVP Request: Eclipse Project Meetings in September




The ECLIPSE Foundation is hosting a Members Meeting on March 19th and 20th in Chicago, IL.  We would like to extend an invitation to Eclipse Projects who would like to hold a “Project Meeting”, “Hackfest” or “Adopt-Fest” on either the 19th or 20th.  If you would like to hold a meeting, the Foundation can provide meeting space and help integrate it with the overall scope of the members meeting based on your needs. 


**Please let us know ASAP if your project is interested, space is limited.

***If you would like space, you must respond (even if tentatively) by Friday, May 25th.


Here are some options to consider:


-        Option 1 – “Project Meeting”  - We can offer and projects 

who are interested space to host a project meeting on March 19th or 

20th for the entire day or half day.

-        Option 2 – “Hackfest” – Offer projects support for hosting a 

“hackfest” for their project, whereby organizations could send 

developers who are not committers [on the specific project] to meet 

committers of a project with some “code in hand” on features they 

would like to add to the project.  A good way for projects to pass on 

knowledge to a community who may be interested in contributing but 

too new, inexperienced or scared to do so.  We can help recruit interested


-        Option 3 – “Adopt-fest” – Offer projects support to host 

an “Adoption Fest”.  For example, offering to help organizations who 

are trying to extend or build upon a project.  We can help recruit

interested parties.


We would also invite any interested projects to have a table/demo

and/or poster during the meeting reception.




  - Don




Donald Smith  donald.smith@xxxxxxxxxxx

Director of Ecosystem Development

Office: (613) 224-9461   x231

Cell: (613) 292-5160

Fax: (212) 918-1619





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