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[] Ganymede Provisioning Workshop -- Call for Participation

Announcing the Ganymede Provisioning Workshop

April 10th and 11th, 2007
Montebello, Quebec

Please take a moment now to look over the call for participation. This event is in the style of the Europa Build Workshop which is agreed to be a worthwhile event. We would very much like to have broad participation from Eclipse projects. We appreciate your prompt attention.

Jeff McAffer
Ward Cunningham
Workshop Organizers

Note: Ganymede is another moon of Jupiter and will be the release train that follows Europa.

-------- from the above workshop page ---------

Eclipse has long had Update Manager as its provisioning mechanism. Now over five years old, Update Manager comes from the era that predates OSGi, where Eclipse was a static tooling platform, Eclipse as a Rich Client Platform had not evolved, and where we could get away with assuming considerable computer skills in our users.

This workshop brings together committers from interested parties to evaluate current provisioning initiatives, project shared ongoing needs, and sketch an efficient and practical roadmap that leads to quality enabling solutions to provisioning problems.

-------- from planning council minutes ---------

Committer-Centric Workshop Ideas

The Planning Council declares that a workshop around the update manager would be a good thing. The build workshop was successful because the problem required a cross-project solution. The update manager isn't quite the same because it doesn't require a cross- project solution, but it is needed by all the projects thus many are eager to help.

This workshop will be for people who are intending to become committers on the update component. This will not be a requirements gathering event - this is an event for doers: people committed to being committers.

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