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[] Re: portal available for new committer voting

Ed Merks and David Williams have reminded me that not all projects vote based on project membership. Our development process allows that committers can be elected on a project component basis. It is our desire that the portal, and the databases that drive it, accurately reflect the governance applied to the Eclipse codebase. To that end we've opened bug 177087 to discuss solutions.

The portal code as deployed can still be used to conduct committer elections for component based votes with slight loss of functionality. If a project component has its own mailing list, that list can be specified at the time of nomination and all vote notifications will go there. The portal will offer voting opportunities to all project committers. Those who are not eligible to vote will have to know this themselves and keep hands off. If folks get it wrong, votes can still be counted manually.

If you'd rather have the full-auto experience you can stay the course until 177087 get worked out.

Best regards. -- Ward

On Mar 9, 2007, at 5:04 PM, Ward Cunningham wrote:

The Eclipse MyFoundation portal is now available for new committer elections. The portal is the preferred way to conduct elections and will be the only way to conduct elections soon. Elections in progress should be completed as always. But new nominations should begin at:

Committers will find there a link labeled "[Nominate]" which will begin the nomination process. Elections started on the portal should be conducted on the portal. You will receive email reminding you to go to the portal to cast your votes there. PMCs will get email reminders too when it is time for them to act.

I have written blog posts that introduce the portal concept: of-12.html

And show how voting progresses: of-12.html

I am happy to answer questions about the portal and portal based voting. I would prefer that inquiry start with your dev lists and get forwarded to me when there is no answer forthcoming there.

Of course bugs and feature enhancement requests are welcome through bugzilla.

	Classification: Eclipse Foundation
	Product: Community
	Component: Portal

Our initial response to the portal has been quite positive. I hope your experience is likewise.

Best regards. -- Ward

Ward Cunningham
Director, Committer Community Development

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