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[] Webmaster update: SubVersion repositories, server upgrades


In this issue:

0. More servers, bandwidth
1. Subversion repositories
2. Server upgrades
3. MySQL database problems solved
4. Disk space quotas are back for downloads

0. More servers, bandwidth
On the cross-project-issues mailing list, some folks had pointed out a response time degradation to our servers. We jumped into action:

We'll be adding 10 Mbps of bandwidth shortly. This will bring our permanent bandwidth up to 70 Mbps and should help solve some bottlenecks that occur on specific days where everyone seems to pump out a new build.

Furthermore, we have purchased 'node5', a fifth front-end node server for the cluster. You can read all about it on my blog:

1. Subversion repositories
As per we now offer projects the opportunity to use SubVersion (SVN) as their version control tool for source code.

Although we will help you migrate from CVS to SubVersion, for simplicity's sake, we won't allow you to maintain code in both CVS and SVN, so please pick whichever tool is best for your project. Do note that CVS is not deprecated in any way; migrating to SVN is entirely optional and we will support both systems. Also, our website repository (/cvsroot/org.eclipse) will remain in CVS.

If you wish to migrate your project to SVN, please have your Project Lead/PMC contact us and we'll work with you to get this done.

2. Server upgrades

Friday we will be upgrading our last server to SLES 10. It is our secondary backend server, so there will be no impact on any service whatsoever.

However, we will need to resync our master and slave database servers to be able to use the full power of two DB servers, so most database services will be disabled and/or read-only Sunday, Dec. 17 from 6:00am ET to 8:00am ET.

After this resync, the bugzilla database will be moved back to its much faster Power box. The current (temporary) server has been struggling with Bugzilla load at times, but was necessary as we were having problems with our main DB servers.

Once the upgrades are complete, we expect to return to our pre-october levels of system stability and reliability. We thank you for your patience - it wasn't an easy upgrade, but it was necessary, and relatively painless.

3. MySQL database problems solved
Early last week we reported having stability problems with our MySQL 5 DB servers. The problem has been solved thanks to some friendly knowledgeable people at IBM. The problem was not MySQL or PPC related, but rather a problem with the way our MySQL 4 installation was upgraded to MySQL 5.

After we resync our master and slave database servers this weekend, Bugzilla will return to being much more responsive than it has been in past months, and the live download stats will be re-enabled once again.

4. Disk space quotas are back for downloads
As of early last week, those nasty disk space quotas have returned for content. They had been disabled in March when we had a stability issue with them.

If you receive disk quota notices, please work with us to clean up files and to move archived releases to We will increase quotas as required, once we're satisfied that the house is clean.

Do note that disk quotas are only enforced on content; there are no quotas whatsoever for source code in CVS/SVN.

As always, thanks for reading this. We hope that these e-mails contain useful information for you.



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