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[] Disk space quotas, Bugzilla/database issues

Me again...

As of yesterday, we have re-enabled disk space quotas for Here's why:

- We are consuming disk space at a very rapid rate.
- Some projects aren't doing a good job of cleaning up older files.
- We are already exceeding our tape backup capabilities despite having upgraded them recently.

As a reminder, there are *no* disk quotas on CVS. Here's what I believe is reasonable to keep on the area.

- Current releases that people download now: for instance, R3.2.1, R3.2, R3.1.2. Older Releases should be moved (not copied, moved) to

- We can keep all your older official releases in If you have an official release every two weeks, then we'll have to work something out.

- Current Nightly builds. We cannot keep all your Nightly builds indefinitely, so you need to delete nightly builds older than 2 weeks.

- Current Stable builds. We cannot keep all the Stable builds for all the versions you've released. Once a product is Released, you shouldn't need your stable builds anymore and they should be deleted.

Please keep your and areas clean and current -- wasted disk space hurts us all. We can help you by writing cron jobs that will move/delete specific file patterns on a regular basis.

You can see your disk quota status by using the option in Committer Tools [1]. More information on quotas can be found in the How Do I? section of Committer Tools.


On the topic of MySQL breakage, Thomas Hallgren wrote:
> Hi Denis,
> Have you ever considered using PostgreSQL? ;-)

Although PostgreSQL is a neat DB, and although it's now likely supported on all the applications we use (Bugzilla didn't officially support Postgres until this current release), we're not considering it. As you can guess, moving from MySQL to PostgreSQL would be a major undertaking, and there's no guarantee that it would be an improvement.

Some other reasons are listed here:



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