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[] Bugzilla/database issues


We are having serious software stability issues with our PPC-64 MySQL database server. Two different major versions of MySQL running on two different physical servers are unable to stay "up" for more than 24 hours when under load -- one simply stops processing queries, and the other segfaults (crashes) every 5 seconds.

At noon today (Eastern) we'll be moving the Bugzilla database to a much smaller x86_64 MySQL server which, although much, much slower than our regular DB servers, should prove to be stable. This is sub-optimal; however, it should ensure that bugzilla is at least "available" at all times while we determine a course of action.

For the move, we'll be shutting down the Bugzilla application to obtain exclusive access to the database. It should take about an hour to move bugzilla's 4 Gigabyte database to the slower x86_64 server.




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