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[] Eclipse Server and Bugzilla upgrades


Yesterday (Sunday) Matt and I performed more upgrades:

- is up to SLES10 - including PHP5 and MySQL 5. Anyone who was running software or scripts on that server should check to make sure they are still working. The 64-bit PPC Java 5 JDK stopped wotking with unresolved dependency errors, but a 32-bit PPC JDK has been installed and is working. JAR signing and packing has also been tested functional.

- Bugzilla is up to the latest release, 2.22.1. Because the visual UI has been reworked, some pages may look a bit off as browser and proxy server caching will cause stale CSS files to be loaded. Forcing a reload/refresh usually takes care of this.

- We will be upgrading our mailing list software shortly, as the mailing list queue handler sometimes dies for no reason, causing mailing list mail to be delayed until we restart it (bugzilla mail is never delayed).

We thank you for your patience while we "rock the boat" a little bit with these server upgrades.



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