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[] Eclipse Website: upgrade to PHP5


This e-mail is intended for Eclipse project web site maintainers and build teams.

As outlined in our SLES 10 upgrade plan [1], I've upgraded one of our front-end node servers to SLES 10. This means it's running new versions of all the server software, including the critical Apache web server and PHP5 that make our sites work. Please note that this upgraded server is currently *not* serving any content.  It is out of service.

In very preliminary testing, I have not seen any issues with Phoenix-based web pages. However, if you authored some intricate and complex PHP code, you may want to test your sites thoroughly. 

To help you debug your code, PHP Warnings and Errors have been enabled on the test sites. This means that pages on that appear to function properly  right now actually have unresolved warnings, so don't panic if your pages show tons of warnings on the test sites -- it doesn't mean your pages are broken.  However, it is highly desirable to fix the code that is causing these warnings. Our intention is to put this server into normal production (minus the warnings, handling 1/5th of traffic) in about 3 weeks.

Here are the URLs you can use to test the functionality of your sites on PHP5:

I have opened a bug [2] to sollicit feedback with anything that may be broken on the server side of things. When posting comments, please exercise discretion with information that could possibly compromise the security of our systems. If you're unsure, just send an e-mail to webmaster@xxxxxxxxxxx.


As usual, thanks for your cooperation.  If you have any questions or concerns, please drop me a line.



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