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[] Eclipse Project Declaration for M2T

Declaration for the Model-to-Text (M2T) Transformation Project 

M2T is a proposed open source project under the Eclipse Modeling Project ( This proposal is written to solicit additional participation and input from the Eclipse community.

While the Eclipse Model-to-Model (M2M) Transformation Project proposal focuses on technologies to transform between different models, this proposal focuses on technologies for transforming models into text (typically language source code and the resources it consumes).

Solutions for model-to-text transformations generally make use of templates (generally described as a text sequence interspersed with commands that extract information). There are a large number of template languages; one of the concerns of this project is to reduce the duplicate effort involved in developing and maintaining template languages.

You are invited to comment and/or join the project. Please send all feedback to the news:// newsgroup.

Anne Jacko
Development Process Operations Support

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