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[] server upgrades: service interruptions


From now until the year end we will be upgrading the server OS on all
the servers.

This is a huge task, but because we have a fully redundant setup,
we don't expect there to be any outages.  However, some services, such
as Bugzilla, CVS and the Wiki, need to be put in "read-only" mode for
short periods while we switch from one backend server to the other. To minimize impact, we'll use our standard maintenance window, Sunday morning from 6:00am to 8:00am Eastern, to perform these switches.

I have outlined a rough upgrade plan on the wiki.  The Key Dates section
is likely what will interest you most:

Our top-two priorities for this upgrade are data integrity and service availability. We'll be working hard to properly plan, stage, test, retest each step of our upgrade so that all goes smoothly. We also have contingency plans in place for our critical servers - such as not upgrading a pair of redundant servers within the same week - should an upgraded server fail.

The non-redundant servers, such as, will need to go offline for several hours while the upgrade is performed. Project vservers and the EclipseCON server are unaffected.

As we upgrade our backend MySQL servers, we'll be enabling an additional slave server (for a total of 2) for the Bugzilla database. This should eliminate the tremendous lag caused by locked tables when using a single database server.

If you have any questions about this upgrade, or if the dates outlined on the wiki page above cause major problems for your project, please let me know.



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