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[] Declaration for TmL Project

Declaration for the Tools for Mobile Linux (TmL) Project

Per the Eclipse Development Process, Motorola is proposing a new project, Tools for Mobile Linux ( The primary focus of the Eclipse TmL project will be to provide the extensible frameworks and exemplary tools for the development of C++ applications targeting mobile devices. We propose this project should be undertaken within the top-level Eclipse Device Software Development Platform (DSDP) project.

Consistent with the scope of the DSDP project, we envision that the Eclipse TmL project will provide a home for embedded Linux extensions across a wide range of existing and future Eclipse projects. The Eclipse Tml project will work with several related top-level Eclipse projects such as the Tools project (especially in the CDT and Modeling sub-projects) and Test and Performance (especially in the Monitoring Tools, Testing Tools, and Tracing and Profiling sub-projects) as well as working with the other DSDP sub-projects including Target Management, Device Debug, and Mobile Tools for Java.

You are invited to comment on and/or join the project. Please send any feedback to the eclipse.dsdp.tml newsgroup.


Anne Jacko

Assistant to Bjorn Freeman-Benson


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