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[] Callisto prep: Disk space, new Infocenter

Greetings folks,

1. Disk space on
2. New Infocenter help on soon
3. Server infrastructure for Callisto

1. Disk space on

Disk space on is precious. Mirror sites don't have massive amounts of disk space at their disposal, and often write in to say "I can't mirror [YOUR project here] anymore, I'm out of disk space. I can only mirror Platform Releases!"

Not only can you delete files, you can also move older release builds to (which is *not* mirrored). Please see Committer Tools "How Do I?" for info:

Here's a quick rundown of who's using what:

12G     birt  (0 in archives)
819M    callisto (320M in archives)
2.1G    datatools (0 in archives)
61M     dsdp (0 in archives)
67G     eclipse (31G in archives)
4.0K    modeling (0 in archives)
54M     stp (0 in archives)
12G     technology (730M in archives)
21G     tools (3.6G in archives)
21G     tptp (8.4G in archives)
13G     webtools (5.8G in archives)
149G    total (50G in archives)

Some notable hogs:
3.5G    ajdt
2.3G    epf
12G     cdt
4.3G    emf

2. New Infocenter help on soon

With a new Eclipse release comes a new Infocenter help. We currently host 2.1, 3.0 and 3.1 Infocenters, and we'll be hosting 3.2 shortly (whereas 3.0 will disappear).

If you want your release docs to be part of the 3.2 Infocenter, please see and comment on bug and don't forget to tell us where we can find your doc plugins.

3. Server infrastructure for Callisto

We ran a preflight on our server infrastructure in preparation for Callisto, and all went swimmingly. Unlike last year, this year you may actually be able to get work done on release day (June 30).

Thanks for reading. As usual, questions/comments can be directed to our Inbox.



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