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[] meltdown

Greetings Eclipse committers,

The master backend server suffered a human-error-caused meltdown around
1:45pm Eastern this afternoon. The entire disk system became
unavailable. Because the server was still "reacheable" via network, the
secondary backend did not take over, and we had to physically go to our
data center and yank the network cable out for the secondary to kick in.

We are back up and running, and the secondary backend server has
promoted itself to primary. We will work throughout the weekend to make
sure the failed backend server is re-entered into service as the new
secondary backend.

For those who want to know, the disk quota daemon was accidentally
shutdown (quotaoff). Upon turning it back on (quotaon), it seems to have
severely overwhelmed the disk system, leading to the disks being
unavailable. I believe this is totally retarded behaviour for an OS like
Linux, but what can I do...

Many apologies for the breakage. Matt and I will be sporting clownnoses
next week. We won't be answering any of the millions of "Eclipse is
down" e-mails you sent in, because, now you know.

Denis and Matt


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