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[] Webmaster update: Callisto preparation, PHP code, Bugzilla management

Greetings committers,

It was nice to meet many of you at EclipseCon. In this issue:

1. [Web committers] Callisto preparation
2. [Web committers] Your PHP code/PHP support
3. [Build teams   ] Downloads disk space
4. [Build teams   ] Nighly Builds excluded from Mirrors
5. [All           ] Manage your bugzilla versions, milestones
6. [All           ] Server Replication Delays

1. Callisto preparation
We've been preparing for Callisto for a long time now, and so should you. Besides the obvious strain associated to downloads, we expect the Callisto event to generate 5 million web server hits each day for the first week. To support this type of load, we kindly ask that you review your PHP code carefully. This is especially true for Foundation staff/Phoenix committers. See #2.

Of course, you can use Committer Tools[1] -> Web Server Statistics -> -> March 2006 -> URLs to determine how popular your website is. TPTP, WebTools, Birt, EMF, you guys hold the top spots.

Personally I'll be reviewing download.php as it is the #1 accessed page on our site, and it relies on SQL for each run.

2. Your PHP code/PHP support
Phoenix-based websites allow you to use PHP quite freely. Although we have lots of server power, please try to code efficiently as our site could be severly impacted by bad code when major events occur (such as EclipseCon and Callisto).

- Cache any processor-intensive data, such as stats aggregation, bugzilla aggregation, etc.

- Avoid opening local URLs (include ""; or fopen("http://localhost/somefile";) ).

- You may not use servers to establish outbound connections (opening remote web pages, for instance).

As a reminder, we tolerate, but do not recommend, endorse or support using PHP on because of mirrors, redirects, permissions, exclusions, QoS, etc. Nine out of ten dentists agree that your web/PHP pages *will run slower* on under heavy load.

If you're unsure if your PHP code is optimized for large-scale production use, please contact us. We're here to help.

3. [broken record] Downloads disk space
I was reminded of the sheer size of (> 125 GB!) when one mirror site recently agreed to mirror Callisto files, but dropped Platform Stable builds to save disk space. has plenty of disk space but mirrors do not. We suggest you move older releases to where they can live forever without being mirrored or counted towards your disk quota. Many projects have moved their older release builds from to Thanks.

Please see the Committer Tools[1] "How do I?" section for this.

4. Nighly Builds excluded from Mirrors
I recently added a directory exclusion list so that our mirror sites don't fetch nightly builds. So far this has been saving us *tons* of bandwidth, as it is generally more costly to mirror nightly builds than to support the few downloads they generate.

The exclude list is currently:

exclude = drops/I* drops/N* drops/M* webtools/committers/ *.php *.jpg *.gif *.htm* callisto/staging/ callisto/testUpdates/

If your Nightly builds don't fall into one of the above file patterns, please e-mail us so we can add your specific pattern. For example, /birt/downloads/drops/N200607071234/ already matches the drops/N* pattern.

5. Manage your bugzilla components, versions, milestones
Effective immediately, we no longer manage your Bugzilla components, milestones and versions. Your PMC or Project Lead can do this from Committer Tools[1]. They can also delegate this management ability to any committer within their project.

6. Server Replication Delays
Because runs in a clustered environment, there are some replication delays you need to be aware of.

Download Files available on
  - Max. 2 hours after transfer (30 minutes typical)
Files available on all download mirrors
  - typically 1 week
Files available on some download mirrors
  - typically 24 hours
Adding committers to new groups
  - 1 hour after webmaster adds you
Resetting your password
  - no delay
Publishing a web page to
  - < 1 minute
Publishing a web page to
  - Max. 2 hours after transfer (30 minutes typical)

In other words, just because you put something there doesn't mean it's available right now.

As usual, thanks for reading this. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact us. For older Committer Announcements, please read the Archives at

[1] Committer Tools:


Eclipse WebMaster - webmaster@xxxxxxxxxxx
Questions? Consult the WebMaster FAQ at
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