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[] Intermittent CVS outages


You may have been experiencing temporary CVS outages in the last few weeks. The error that is reported is that "the device is full".

Tomcat, running on the server nodes, has been crashing frequently, leaving large core dumps in /tmp. We originally thought it was the Infocenter help, but it is not. Our apologies to Konrad et al. for doubting them =)

Tomcat is used by the EclipseCON website. We're unsure if the problem is with Tomcat itself, mod_jk, the EclipseCON website itself or any other component. If anyone has experience with any of those components, please let us know.

We're working on a solution, and kindly appreciate your patience while we deal with this.

Denis Roy
Manager, IT Infrastructure
Eclipse Foundation, Inc.
Office: 613.224.9461 x224
Cell: 819.210.6481

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