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[] Eclipse Committer Newsletter 2005 issue 3

It's been another two months and everyone (Denis, John & Scott & Kai) has gotten into the newsletter act, and their newsletters are more valuable then mine, so I feel like I'm spammin' you :-)

I'm trying to make the proposals and reviews and project management as open and transparent as I can, but I can always do better. The RSS feed now includes all proposals as well as all reviews, and the proposals page has a color-coded table with estimated future dates.

I continue urge you to attend the reviews of any project or proposal that you either champion or are concerned about. Eclipse is about its community and thus it is important for the community to provide kudos and critiques.

Two months ago I said "There has been an interesting and active discussion amongst the Board and the Councils about the Eclipse Development Process. I am working to encapsulate the latest version of that discussion in a more explicit (and hopefully easier to follow) set of guidelines. These guidelines should clarify the evaluation criteria for each of the Reviews." Well, I'm still working on those guidelines; I anticipate circulating them for comments and review in the very near future.

Since the last newsletter (and my apologies in advance if I've forgotten someone here), the following new and old projects have changed state. The big changes of course were in the big Eclipse 3.1 release and all the related releases. We're up to almost 800,000 downloads in the million download challenge (

New top-level projects:
* Device Software Development Platform
* Data Tools Project
New Technology projects:
* Application Lifecycle Framework (ALF)
* JSR220-ORM
* Model Driven Development Integration
* Photran (FORTRAN)
Archived Technology projects:
* Desktop - proposal withdrawn
* LDT - proposal withdrawn
* OMELET - no more active development
* Stellation - no more active development
Project Releases:
* EMF 2.1
* GEF 3.1
* Platform 3.1
* TPTP 4.0
* UML2 1.1
* VE 1.1

The Program Committee is formed, the Call for Participation is up, and I urge you all to think about contributing in one way or another. ( There are five major categories of content this year: * Tutorials - when you are really, really an expert and want to teach for a half day * Keynotes - when you are a rock star and get invited to entertain for an hour
* Long Talk - when you have an hour's worth of details to cover
* Short Talk - when you think what you've done is interesting, and your pub partners think it's interesting, but you're not sure that it's "conference quality" - just give a short talk; ten minutes is not a big commitment by the audience so the pressure is off you and you can talk about what is personally interesting * Poster - when you want to draw a big diagram and explain it to interest people in a face-to-face setting

I forgot to thank Gunnar Wagenknecht for setting up Planet Eclipse - thanks! I use it every day.

Just a reminder that your Board representatives would love to hear from you. Of course, they are spamming you too, so you already know that they want to hear from you.

Bjorn Freeman-Benson
Technical Director, Open Source Process and Infrastructure
Eclipse Foundation
voice:      971-327-7323
email:      bjorn.freeman-benson@xxxxxxxxxxx

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