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[] EclipseCon 2006 - Hold Those Dates!

There are 158 days until Christmas.
And there are 243 days until EclipseCon, so mark your calendars for March 20-23 and plan to attend the bigger and better EclipseCon 2006.

Of course there is a website:

After you've marked your calendar and made your airline reservations, the next thing to do is to consider submitting a presentation or two. We've got three tracks this year:
  * Developers Track - Technical information for developers,
                       committers, contributors, and plug-in coders.
  * Users Track - How to and experience reports for Eclipse tool
                  and Eclipse RCP users.
  * Business Track - Marketing and business development
                     information and experiences for members of
                     the Eclipse ecosystem.

Inside each track, there are a wide variety of kinds of presentations. The complete list is available on the website:

The three main kinds of presentations are:
  * Tutorial - four hours of intense interactive teaching
  * Long Talk - one hour of deep technical or business information
  * Short Talk - ten minute overview to pique the audiences interest

Looking forward to your presentations and attendance,
Bjorn Freeman-Benson, Organizing Chair
Tim Wagner, Program Chair

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