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[] Technology Project Declaration: Buckminster

As per the Eclipse Development Process, we are notifying the Eclipse Membership-at-Large of the intent of ObjectWeb, in association with a team of individual ObjectWeb members, to propose the Buckminster project as part of the Technology PMC.

A brief description of the project is below. A project proposal will be posted on in a week or so.

Project Declaration for "Buckminster"

Buckminster is currently anticipated to be a technology exploration project (similar to Equinox). Buckminster will explore a model-driven approach to instantiation and management of a generic Eclipse project workspace. This approach will involve developing an abstract Eclipse project model presenting a normalized view of project relationships, and then resolving the associated dependencies against a separate abstract model representing the location of available project resources.

*Bjorn Freeman-Benson*
Technical Director, Open Source Process and Infrastructure
Eclipse Foundation <>
voice:  	971-327-7323 (PDT, GMT-8)
email: bjorn.freeman-benson@xxxxxxxxxxx <mailto:bjorn.freeman-benson@xxxxxxxxxxx>

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