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[] Project Declaration: Lepido, a Cocoon tooling project

As per the Eclipse Development Process, we are notifying the Eclipse Membership-at-Large of the intent of Anywhere Technologies to propose Lepido, a Cocoon tooling project as part of the Technology PMC.

A brief description of the project is below. A project proposal will be posted on <> in a week or so.

*Project Declaration for "Lepido"*

Apache Cocoon is a top-level project of the Apache Software Foundation. It is a web application framework built around the concepts of XML processing pipelines and component-based application development. The project was started in 1999 and has since then grown both in features and user base, and is now widely used by a lot of people for mission-critical web sites.

Apache Cocoon uses a lot of XML-related technologies and XML-based configuration files. Although very powerful and efficient once mastered, the framework has a steep learning curve, and having dedicated tools to help newcomers getting started and experienced users to be
more productive would attract much more people to this innovative product.

The purpose of the Lepido project is therefore to build extensible frameworks and exemplary tools on top of Eclipse for developing web applications with Apache Cocoon. These tools will include wizards to quickly lay out a project structure, dedicated editors for the various XML files involved in application development, and runtime tools such as debuggers or profilers. Lepido will be implemented using the infrastructure provided by the Web Tools Platform.

* Lepido stands for “lepidoptera”, which is the scientific name for butterflies. As you certainly know, bufferflies come out of cocoons! So Lepido is there to help you getting the best out of
Apache Cocoon!
*Bjorn Freeman-Benson*
Technical Director, Open Source Process and Infrastructure
Eclipse Foundation <>
voice: 	971-327-7323 (PST, GMT-9)
email: bjorn.freeman-benson@xxxxxxxxxxx <mailto:bjorn.freeman-benson@xxxxxxxxxxx>

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