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[] Eclipse Committer Newsletter 2005 issue 1

   -Bjorn Freeman-Benson
Last year, as an elected committer representative, I started this infrequent news-to-committers emailing. Now, on behalf of myself as "Technical Director, Open Source Process and Infrastructure" and the three committer representatives (John Wiegand, Scott Lewis, and Kai-Uwe Maetzel, I am continuing the newsletter.
I plan to publish it bi-monthly so as not to compete with the spam that is
already filling your inbox.

   -Bjorn Freeman-Benson
* For immediate infrastructure issues, such as " is down" or "I need
 my password reset", send email to webmaster@xxxxxxxxxxx
* To add a new committer to your project, use the online process
* For project proposals, project provisioning, and larger infrastructure issues,
 contact bjorn.freeman-benson@xxxxxxxxxxx
* For policy issues that affect committers or to lobby for a particular direction
 or vision at Eclipse or at, contact

   -Denis Roy
Most of the infrastructure has been transitioned to the new hardware.
Although the servers are no longer the cause of bottlenecks, we're only
running 50% of the hardware that's available to us. The big IBM servers
are still being configured which will allow for even more capacity. Of
course, there's still the bandwidth bottleneck so I encourage you to use
mirrors for downloads wherever possible and save the bandwidth for
CVS, bugzilla, mailing lists, etc.

The old was a HUGE bottleneck. It is no longer so. You should not experience any more e-mail delays. In UNIX speak, the load
average went from 25 to 0.30.

The new load-balanced hardware means faster access times, redundancy, the
ability to add extra capacity within 24 hours if required.

While we acknowledge that the committers would prefer wikis and blogs to be
next on the list, in reality there are a few more crucial issues to solve first.
Number one on the list is designing, implementing, and testing a disaster
recovery solution. Also on the list is a plug-in signing solution and a solution to the expected bandwidth saturation of the 3.1 release in June. Subsequent to those items are a work request tracking system to replace the old "send email to
webmaster and wait patiently" process as well as evaluating and choosing an
open source content management system for the new website. Once the crisis of 3.1 has passed and the website project is solidly
making progress, we will be able to add wikis and other requested
developer support tools.

   -Bjorn Freeman-Benson
The Eclipse Foundation has started the process of redesigning and refactoring the website with the goal of producing something we can all be proud of.
This project can only succeed with input from the community and thus you can
expect to hear more about this project shortly. In the meantime, you can help by entering, and voting for, your favorite features and your most hated flaws in
Bugzilla under Community > Website. The current list is:

The new website (codename: Phoenix) will support the three communities that
form the Eclipse community: users (as in users-of-Eclipse), committers,
and members (as in members-of-the-Eclipse-Foundation). Other goals for the
new website include using a content management system behind the scenes, not
using frames, and allowing substantially more self management/control over
website content while still conforming to an Eclipse "look".

   -Your three Board members
On an ongoing basis, the committer board members would like to solicit
your input about your major issues, concerns, and ideas.  We will receive,
collate, track and share the results in subsequent newsletters.

Here is an initial set of issue categories.  Please let us know which
of these (and/or others) are important to you, and what specific issues
you think are important to address on behalf of committers:

1) Improving/Enhancing technologies/services
2) Foundation development process
3) IP Management for Eclipse projects
4) Team Communications:  Tools and Resources

Please forward all additions/issues for this list to one of the
committer representatives. Thanks!

   -Bjorn Freeman-Benson
It is actually time to start thinking about EclipseCon 2006. Specifically,
we need to establish the Program Committee.  I have broken the PC into three
committees this year: one for Users, one for Committers, and one for the
Business Track.  Splitting the committee reduces the time commitment and
it allows specialization.  If you would like to help select the Committer
content for EclipseCon 2006, please let me know.  (The response to "calls
for volunteers" tends to be near zero, so let me add a little guilt to
the picture by pointing out that if nobody volunteers then the content
will be lame and we'll only have ourselves to blame.)

Bjorn Freeman-Benson
Technical Director, Open Source Process and Infrastructure
Eclipse Foundation
voice:      971-327-7323 (PST, GMT-9)
email:      bjorn.freeman-benson@xxxxxxxxxxx

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