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[] Bjorn Freeman-Benson resigns as your Committer Representative to the Board

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It has been my privilege to represent the Committers on the Board this past year, and I have very much enjoyed working with you to encourage the Foundation in the right directions - directions that provide direct benefit to the Open Source Projects and to the committer and contributor community. One of the major agendas that John Wiegand and I have been pushing is to have the EMO dedicate more resources to directly supporting the Projects. Fortunately, the Board has agreed with us and as of February 15th, the EMO will have a "Technical Director, Open Source Process and Infrastructure". John and I view this as a big positive step for Eclipse and for the Projects and are pleased.
The reason I am resigning as one of your two Committer Representatives and withdrawing my name from the upcoming Committer Representative Elections is that I am going to be that Technical Director, Open Source Process and Infrastructure. I am joining the EMO because I believe I can do more for the Committers and the rest of the community and the ecosystem in this new full-time (probably more than full-time!) role than I could as a part-time member of the Board.
I look forward to working with you all and doing what I can to help Eclipse become even bigger and even more amazing over the next year, two years, five years, and beyond. There's a lot coming up just in the short term and that's just the start of a spectacular future for Eclipse. I'm privileged to have been your Representative and now even more so to be your advocate and assistant.
Bjorn Freeman-Benson

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