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  • Re: [] Nominate Sébastien Gérard as an Architecture Council member, (continued)
  • [] JSR 359 requires your input, Wayne Beaton
  • [] Who Needs Piggyback CQs?, Ed Merks
  • [] Mentors needed for several projects; volunteers needed!, Wayne Beaton
  • [] Council members breakfast at EclipseCon, Wayne Beaton
  • [] Moderator needed for AC monthly meeting next week, Oberhuber, Martin
  • [] JSR 377 - Desktop|Embedded Application API - JSR Approval Ballot, Wayne Beaton
  • [] Mentors required for two new projects, Wayne Beaton
  • [] Fwd: Oomph, Automated Error Reporting, and other changes for EPP Mars M5, Markus Knauer
  • [] AC 8-Jan Meeting Notes, Oberhuber, Martin
  • [] Comments/concerns/issues regarding JSRs, Wayne Beaton
  • [] Our call on Dec 11th, Maximilian Koegel
  • [] Nominate Simon Kaegi for Architecture Council membership, Wayne Beaton
  • [] AC 13-Nov Meeting Minutes, Oberhuber, Martin
  • [] Regrets for today's Arch meeting, Neil Hauge
  • [] JSR Proposal: Desktop Application Framework, Mike Milinkovich
  • [] I will trade EclipseCon Europe beer for mentoring volunteers, Wayne Beaton

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