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[] Mentors needed for Eclipse Projects

Greetings Architecture Council!


We need a few mentors for a couple of exciting projects. If you're interested in helping as a mentor, please indicate your interest directly on the cited tracking issue. Or just respond here and I'll set you up.

1. Eclipse TOMLed

Eclipse TOMLed project provides an editor enabling syntax highlighting and showing the structure of a TOML document when working with configuration files in Eclipse IDE.

We're tracking the progress of the Eclipse TOMLed project here.

2. Eclipse Oniro OpenHarmony

Eclipse Oniro OpenHarmony integrates Oniro reference hardware with OpenHarmony software components on top of the Oniro core platform, to demonstrate a full vertical solution.

We're tracking the progress of the Eclipse Oniro OpenHarmony project here.
Thanks in advance!

Thanks in advance.
Maria Teresa Delgado

The Eclipse Management Organization | Eclipse Foundation

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