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Re: [] Download stats reliability and SLA

On 2020-03-17 5:45 a.m., Gunnar Wagenknecht wrote:
>> On Mar 17, 2020, at 10:23, Mickael Istria <mistria@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> [...] I have the
>> impression that the bug would have been ignored, ie that the service
>> were not supported.
> Have you looked at:
> Any service not listed should fall into "tier 3 - next business day". I'm unsure whether download stats is considered a service in that context, though. From a priority point it doesn't feel like a "next business day" service, i.e. we can continue to develop open source software without it. But it is useful, I agree.
If download stats deserve a higher SLA, perhaps engage with the
Committer Board Representatives for guidance.

I have ideas for a better project dashboard[1], which includes modern
activity metrics via charts, and download stats. It's a slow, backburner
WIP. Querying download stats like we do is quite passé.



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