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Re: [] Download stats reliability and SLA



It is indeed to me a pb on Eclipse side and due to the different ways it is possible to download a project it is difficult (even impossible currently) to consolidate a number that significantly represent the “usage” of the code you make available to other for free… and it is a real problem…

A solution would be much appreciated and helpful to help project to develop. Currently, it is almost not possible to manage or at least to know about the user community of an open-source project hosted by Eclipse.


Séb (Papyrus project lead).







Sébastien Gérard

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De : <> De la part de Mickael Istria
Envoyé : lundi 16 mars 2020 18:54
À : <>
Cc : Sopot Cela <scela@xxxxxxxxxx>
Objet : [] Download stats reliability and SLA


Hi Architecture Council,


I'm curious about how reliable are the download stats and what's the SLA we should expect from it in term of support to project trying to leverage them.

There were some discussions on another ide-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx mailing-list where the download stats were challenged by some people who think they're more or less not worth checking/trusting. Also I've opened a bug some time ago about download stats that seem fishy (note that it can totally be an issue on my end, but I fail at finding what it is), and didn't receive any support so far. It's a bit disappointing, but am I right to be disappointed or are download stats a service that's ultimately not really supported by EMO and I just have too high expectations?

In any case, can we have the related "SLA" and reliability made explicit and ideally referenced on the download stats page?




Mickael Istria

Eclipse IDE developer, for Red Hat Developers

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