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[] Request for feedback on some JSRs

Greetings Eclipse Architecture Council.

Your input, please, on the following JSRs will be appreciated.

JSR 199 - Java Compiler API - Maintenance Review 3
Last day to vote: 5 August 2019
URL for MR3 materials:

JSR 269 - Pluggable Annotation Processing API - Maintenance Review 7
Last day to vote: 5 August 2019
URL for MR7 materials:

JSR 388 - Java SE 13 - Public Review
Appears on the ballot: 27 August 2019
URL for Public Review materials:

JSR 387 - Streamline the JCP Program - Maintenance Review
Last day of review: 5 August 2019
URL for Maintenance Review materials:



Wayne Beaton

Director of Open Source Projects | Eclipse Foundation, Inc.

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