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[] Input requested regarding JSR

Greetings Eclipse Architecture Council members.

There's a few new members, so I'll use this opportunity to explain what this all about... The Eclipse Foundation is a member of the JCP and as a member, are required to vote on the various JSRs that work their way through the process. Our Executive Director, Mike Milinkovich, represents us on the JCP (with me as backup).

When the responsibility to vote is presented to us, we solicit input from the Eclipse Architecture Council. We need to hear about any concerns that you might have about JSRs as they pertain to how we should vote. If you feel that we should vote no, then please provide a short explanation for your position. You can post your response either here or by direct email to me (wayne.beaton@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx).

Please use the channels established by the expert group to voice specific concerns or otherwise influence the technical direction of a JSR (let us know if you're having trouble in that regard).

Having said all that, the following JSR is up for a vote (this one is concerned with the JCP itself and is pretty interesting from a process point-of-view).

JSR 387 - Streamline the JCP Program - Final Approval Ballot




Wayne Beaton

Director of Open Source Projects | Eclipse Foundation, Inc.

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