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[] When should a project leave incubation? Is the 0.x version related?

Hi all,

I'd like the AC to discuss the following case:
For LSP4E, TM4E, Corrosion, aCute and others, we're still in a 0.x version because we want to highlight that the project is in relatively early-stage for integrators to adopt them with too much trust on stability of code and APIs.
However, none of those projects require the parallel-IP process and all are fine with the regular release and IP process for mature projects.

In this case, is it worth keeping the project as incubating?
Is a 0.x version reserved to the official "incubating" project state or can it be used for non-incubating projects?

Thanks in advance for the answer or discussion.
Mickael Istria
Eclipse IDE developer, for Red Hat Developers

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