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Re: [] Revising EDP to be uptodate with the *actual* allowed process rather than the original one

I started with mailing list as it’s rather big changes and not something that could easily be captured in a bug at the moment. 

Once we got a bit more info on how/where best to do fixes I’m all for opening specifics bugs/issues. 

On Tue, 3 Apr 2018 at 08:44, Mickael Istria <mistria@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Wouldn't it be better to track documentation issues as bugs in we can share them on the mailing-list and bugs and move focused discussions to the ticket (I don't think I need to convince anyone than scoped discussions on bugs are better then mailing-list thread).
Is the documentation about EDP/handbook something that can be contributed to via Gerrit or GitHub? It would be much for everyone easier to turn bugs into fixed issues if so, and it could simplify the process of evolving the EDP as we could write down "drafts" of proposals to discuss on dedicated review tools.
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