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[] Revising EDP to be uptodate with the *actual* allowed process rather than the original one

Hi all,

I would like to raise to the architecture council the issue of the documented eclipse development process are not uptodate - causing projects to think things are unnecessary complex. Due to this I've seen that resulting in projects just never going out of incubation or me and others having to spend ungodly amount of time explaining things aren't as bad as it seems. In either case - its not good.

One specific area the current documented EDP is getting in the way rather than helping is for projects that would like to do actual releases with a much higher cadence than the original EDP was ever intended for. We are talking weeks sometime days between
releases rather than the traditional several months between a releases.

I asked Gorkem to outline the concerns in context of Che to Incubation-list ( but was then made aware that the right place to see this change happen is at the arch council.

This thread is to start understanding how we can best move this forward.

comments ?


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