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Re: [] Nominate Mikael Barbero to the Eclipse Architecture Council


You had me at the subject line.


On 09/08/2016 02:57 PM, Wayne Beaton wrote:
> Greetings all.
> I would like to nominate Mikael Barbero to the Eclipse Architecture Council.
> Mikael is known to most of our community. His first contribution shows
> up in our Git records in 2006 and the years since, he's made almost 900
> contributions across 14 projects spanning most of our top-level
> projects. In his first role at the Eclipse Foundation, he worked
> tirelessly to improve our build technology, and was directly involved in
> getting builds working for many projects. He's taken and retains a 
> leadership role in the Common Build Infrastructure (CBI) project (he was
> also previously a project lead for EMF Compare). In his current role,
> Mikael has taken the technical lead of the FEEP programme, directly
> feeding changes into core Platform infrastructure (Platform UI, PDE, and
> SWT in particular) and coordinating the efforts of others involved in
> the programme.
> Mikael knows the Eclipse Development Process, has experience that spans
> many multiple projects, has serious technical chops, and is an asset to
> our community. In addition to the wisdom energy that he will bring to
> the council, he is also an excellent candidate for project mentoring.
> IMHO, he should be a member of the architecture council.
> Please indicate your support for making this appointment.
> Thanks,
> Wayne
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