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Re: [] Next Meeting?

Visual Studio Code uses ie „reference path“ to supply advanced grammar and
intellisense for javascript and I believe Eclipse Che has something very

This kind of approach is very lightweight and common and relativly easy to
maintain since you dont need to ship a new release when a new JS framework
comes around the corner….


Am 29.03.16, 11:21 schrieb
" on behalf of Mickael
Istria" unter < on
behalf of mistria@xxxxxxxxxx>:

>> I don't think this bug addresses the problem. I've downloaded 200MB so I
>> expect it to open at least the 100 most used source-types with syntax
>> coloring and block matching.
>Depends on what you mean by "the problem"? This bug solves the problem of
>having users taking advantage of good support for more languages in the
>That said, let me repeat that I like the idea of having the default text
>editor understand some grammars to provide better edition -just like XSD
>for XML- and if you're aware of some bugs to follow, please share them so
>we can link proposals/WIP such as
> .
>At very minimal output of this discussion, such enhancement
>request/proposals should be reported. Ideally, the current consensus
>should make it possible to introduce that by Oxygen if everyone who
>supports this idea is able to give a hand.
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