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Re: [] EclipseCon 2016 AC/PC session

>  I welcome your input.

Be careful what you wish for. :) But thanks for asking.

I myself am not a fan of "panel discussion", in general, but especially this type where to topics are very high level and not much to "discuss". I have seen a few good panel discussions but only when there was something controversial to discuss such as "modularity in Java" or "Typed vs Un-Typed languages". I also recall the "PMC Panel Discussions" we used to have at EclipseCon closing session and it seemed like they were not very interesting. And, it seemed to me the audience was not that interested. Granted, it may have been due to the (lack of) presentation skills of the people sitting on stage ... but, I think you would have nearly the same people involved.

If anything "public" is done, a very short Q&A session might by ok, with a 10-20 minute "introduction" done by one person. But honestly I do not think the "community at large" is all that interested in the Planning Council, and the 10 people who would have opinions, that they would like to state in the form of a question, have probably already made themselves heard one way or another?

Or, I suppose you could make it controversial, and say the topic was "Let's do away with the Planning Council and Simultaneous Release: Pros and Cons" but that has the risk of being more confrontational than constructive and I would not want to be in the middle of that. Guess it depends who would sit on the "pro" and "con" side?

Finally, I do not like seeing "Orbit" mentioned as though its future was part of the Planning Council mission. It is not. Yes, the Planning Council sometimes worries over it -- but, only slightly more than a few other projects we worry over that are more clearly not in our mission. Orbit will either survive or die like any other OS project -- not that interesting of a future to discuss -- at least in an open meeting. :)

To be honest, I think the 10:30-12:35session will suffice for group discussion. Ant then maybe reserve the room for the afternoon time for "break out sessions" in case anyone wants to form into groups of 2 to 4 people to discuss something in more detail with the intent of outlining an action plan for improvement or change? This would have to be done, though, in the spirit of "doing the work", and not sure anyone at EclipseCon could commit to that? That is, would not like to see "pie in the sky" action plans.

I hope this note at least spurs more discussion of what is needed and what would be interesting.

Thanks again,

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Greetings folks.

As we discussed on last Thursday's call, we have a big chunk of time set aside for the Architecture and Planning Councils to meet during the conference: we overlap with the session slots on Thursday (10:30-12:35 & 13:45-15:05). We'll have lunch with the rest of the conference attendees.

I'm thinking that it might be cool to have open Q&A sessions and invite the community to join us in the afternoon (e.g. one for the AC and one for the PC). We might consider live streaming these sessions via Google Hangout or something.

10:30-12:35: General discussion (closed session). Role of the Architecture Council, Evolution of the Eclipse Development Process, Eclipse IDE as a product, FEEP priorities
12:35-13:45: Lunch
13:45-14:20: Planning Council Q&A Panel. Changes to the release schedule, joining the simultaneous release, the future of Orbit
14:30-15:05: Architecture Q&A Panel. Eclipse Development Process, technical discussion

The topics listed here are just ideas off the top of my head. The timing seems like a natural fit to me, but we can tweak everything. I welcome your input.

The Thursday session schedule is here:

Note that, if we're going to do a panel discussion, we'll need to decide fairly quickly to make sure that we allocate an appropriately-sized room.

Note also that I haven't discussed this with the Planning Council yet, but I'm pretty sure that  most of the PC is represented on this list anyway. I do intend to bring this formally to the PC later this week, so please provide your input sooner rather than later.



Wayne Beaton
The Eclipse Foundation

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