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[] This Thursday's meeting overlaps with the Members Meeting

Greetings Architecture Council.

I should have noticed this before, but our meeting tomorrow overlaps with the Members Meeting. My first preference is to move our meeting, but I assume that this will be hard this late in the game, so I'll only be able to attend the first thirty minutes.

I'd thrown a handful of things on the agenda. Since I may not be able to get through them all, I thought that I'd assemble a few words of preparation here.

I'd like to nominate a couple of new members to the architecture council. I have a few names of people who have been very active in the Science working group that I think will be good additions. I have some other ideas as well. I'd like to have this discussion as early in the call as possible.

In communication with Vladimir, the project lead of the Handly project, it occurred to me that it might be a good practice to start a practice of making the Architecture Council more aware of some of the projects that we help/oversee. I had originally though that this might take the form of a ten minute presentation at the beginning of our calls, but am open to other suggestions. Some of our project teams just don't know how to grow interest in their work and could benefit greatly some some mindshare in the AC, some advice on the sorts of things that they should do, and maybe a connection or two.

The first deliverable from my discussion with Vladimir is a blog post:

EclipseCon is coming. I intend to host a Hackathon like what we did at EclipseCon Europe and your involvement will be very valuable in making it a success. This is mostly just FYI for now, but the Hackathon presents, I think, a very good opportunity to engage with the community and with each other. There's a handful of very interesting bugs being discussed in the IDE mailing list that I think may benefit from some face-to-face discussion.

Also, I'd like to revive the face-to-face meeting at EclipseCon [1]. Please provide your input into the Doodle poll so that we can determine the best time to schedule it [2]. Note that we've been talking internally about being creative with the schedule and maybe trying to leverage some of the in-conference time for things like the face-to-face and members meeting.

FInally, please sign up for the incubation@xxxxxxxxxxx mailing list [3]. Most of the usual suspects have already signed up, but it would be good to have the ranks more filled out before we start signing up incubating project committers.




Wayne Beaton
The Eclipse Foundation
          NA 2016

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