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Re: [] Nominate Konstantin Komissarchik for Architecture Council



Dr. Maximilian Kögel
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Software Engineer / Consultant / General Manager
EclipseSource Munich

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Am 12.06.2014 19:00 schrieb "Wayne Beaton" <wayne@xxxxxxxxxxx>:
I'm pretty sure that we all know Konstantin. He's been a member of our community for a very long time, he is an active member of the Technology PMC, the project lead for two projects, and prolific contributor of both code and discussion.

Konstantin is very familiar with the EDP and--I believe--a good source of ideas for how we can improve an modernize our processes and practices. Further, he has expressed interest in mentoring new projects.

Please vote your approval of this nomination.


Wayne Beaton
Director of Open Source Projects, The Eclipse Foundation
Learn about Eclipse Projects
          France 2014

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