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Re: [] Implementing CLAs

"Oberhuber, Martin" <Martin.Oberhuber@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote on 02/18/2013 08:31:32 AM:
> 3.       What if a contributor messed up their git commit record
> somehow (eg typo in the name for signed-off-by). The automatic
> checks against the CLA on file would fail in that case; who would
> clean up the commit record and how ? And as a corollary, if a commit
> record can be cleaned up, how are we going to guarantee that the
> “signed-off-by” ID is actually correct and authentic ?

There are various Git options here. I agree a guide where we document that is helpful. Off the top of my head, if it is a single commit it can be modified with commit --amend. Multiple commits can either be squashed into a new commit, or if necessary fixed using git filter-branch. The original contributor should really be the one to "fix" their metadata though. We don't want committers to be adding signed-off-by on behalf of the contributor.


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