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[] Upcoming JSRs

Hey Architecture Council!

There are several JSRs working their way through the JCP. It's not time
for Mike to vote on behalf the Eclipse Foundation on any these just now,
but that time will come soon. I'll ask you for specific feedback in the
weeks leading up to the vote.




The following proposals have been posted for JSR Review. Please review
them and provide feedback to the submitters and Spec Leads before the
proposals appear on the JSR Review Ballot.

JSR 360 CLDC 8
Appears on ME EC Ballot: 16 October 2012

JSR 361 Java ME Embedded Profile
Appears on the ME EC Ballot: 16 October 2012

The following JSRs have posted their Early Draft Reviews. Please peruse
the provided packages and proffer feedback to the Specification Leads
before the end of the reviews.

JSR 310 Date and Time API - Early Draft Review 2
Last day of review: 14 October 2012

JSR 356 Java API for Web Socket - Early Draft Review
Last day of review: 27 October 2012

The following JSR is in Public Review. Please review the draft materials
and provide feedack before the Public Review Draft Approval Ballot.

JSR-000339 The Java API for RESTful Web services
This appears on the ballot on 30 October 2012


In addition to the any JCP 2.7 or JCP 2.8 ballot issues, numerous JSRs
are moving
through JCP 1.0, 2.7, or 2.8 stages without ballots. The PMO encourages
you to review
such JSRs and provide feedback to the relevant Expert Groups and Spec

JSR Reviews:

Early Draft Reviews:

Public Reviews:

Proposed Final Drafts:


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