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Re: [] Monthly meeting?

Hi all,

1. Yes we do have our monthly meeting today in 50 minutes

2. Yes a joint PC + AC meeting is scheduled for Sunday before EclipseCon (Mar 25, PC:1400-1600, PC+AC: 1600-1700)

3. Yes I would like to schedule a breakfast meeting at EclipseCon too - given the rush around things that seems like the best way getting together. While I'm not yet sure how well the Reston location will support that, I'd like to tentatively plan for Tue morning and confirm once we're at EclipseCon. I'm very open to other suggestions though.


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I think there is also a joint meeting with the Planning Council on the Sunday before ECON, from 4 to 5.


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I am so much not a morning guy, but whatever the majority decides.


On 12-03-08 9:52 AM, "Andrew Overholt" <overholt@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

>> I can't remember if we've discussed this but are we meeting at 
>> EclipseCon as well?
>We didn't discuss it but we should.  Breakfast like the past few years?

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