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[] Reminder as you make travels plan for EclipseCon: Sunday afternoon

For those of you members who are attending EclipseCon, I know many of you
are making your specific travel plans already or will soon.

As you do, one thing to keep in mind is our traditional face-face council
meetings at EclipseCon. These are held on the Sunday before EclipseCon
kicks off, that is, on Sunday 3/25.

We will have a Planning Council meeting on Sunday, from 2 to 4 PM (local
time, which happens to be Eastern this year!) and then we will have a
"joint meeting" of Planning and Architecture Councils from 4 to 5.  And
then ... ?

The details of meeting room locations, meeting agendas, special guests,
prizes and entertainment will be sent out later, but Martin and I wanted to
be sure everyone knew times now, so your travel plans could maximize
attendance. (Just kidding about the prizes and entertainment ... unless
some of you get creative). :)

It is a great time to talk more conversationally that we normally can on
the phone and, hopefully discuss some of the larger issues on our minds.
Not to mention a great way to get to know each other before the week gets


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