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Re: [] Reminder: AC Monthly Meeting tomorrw

Is anybody planning to call in from outside of North America, UK, Germany, or France?

I ask because we've been implementing a new conference call infrastructure and an AC call would be a good test of it.

At present, we do not have the SIP interface implemented, but do have toll-free dial in numbers from NA, UK, Germany, and France. Toll charges for anybody outside of these regions would be expensive, so if you fall outside of these regions, you have a veto. Please feel very free to use the veto. We need you on this call, and I can find other ways to test the new system.

Let me know yea or nay ASAP. The system is ready to go, so we just need to have enough lead time to get the dial-in numbers to everybody.

The SIP interface is coming. Who will use it when it's available?

Has everybody registered for EclipseCon? :-)


Wayne Beaton
The Eclipse Foundation
Twitter: @waynebeaton

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