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Re: [] Reminder: AC Monthly Meeting tomorrow - Riena in Juno

Cross-posting to Planning Council.


From: [] On Behalf Of Campo, Christian
Sent: February-08-12 11:07 AM
Subject: Re: [] Reminder: AC Monthly Meeting tomorrow - Riena in Juno




in a recent email thread I addressed concerns that the Riena committer teams finds itself unable to produce a Riena version that runs on top of Eclipse 4.x (as the target platform) in the Juno timeframe that they would recommend for production. (which is I believe what a RELEASE is about)


The problem is not around the IDE but its about using Eclipse 4.x. as a runtime platform for Riena. Riena has invested a lot of time in code and thinking to make its application NOT look like RCP apps (or like the IDE). We used the Presentation API heavily to make that happen. There are a number of other topics like Dependency Injection of Services or Look and Feel (Styling) with the new feature in E4 but that overlap is no problem. They can coexist. The Platform has however decided a long time ago that they will not support the Presentation API anymore. (and they made that very clear right from the beginning)


While the Riena team has done some steps to make Riena work on e4, we only realized the size of the problem in the last couple of month.

So we have to

  • address this problem and make Riena run on top of Eclipse 4.x
  • still be able to run on 3.x
  • continue to run on RAP (which is also supported by Riena and requires a number of tweaks)

We felt that we cannot support 3 platforms in a switchable way for the Juno release train in production quality.


We will however release Riena 4.0 in production quality for the Eclipse 3.8 platform in the Juno timeframe. Since compatibility with Eclipse 4.2. is a requirement for participating in the release train Juno, David Williams suggested that Riena no longer contributes to the Juno composite repository but rather only maintains its own p2 update site. However we can still stay in the release train. This suggestion still has to be carried to the next planning council meeting and officially decided there.


We will try to catch up as soon as possible either in a ServiceRelease of Juno or latest in the Kepler release train. The key here is really production quality. Of course we can get "something" running in the Juno timeframe for Eclipse 4.x but we dont think "Riena on e4" will be ready for production environments.


There is a wiki page describing how to setup a workspace and reproduce the problems Riena has and there is a bug where we are discussions with the platform team.


The Platform Team has offered to help us which I think is great. I dont want to consume too much of their time, since they also still got a lot to do for Juno. I hope I can return some of this by supply valuable feedback for 3.x RCP apps that move the 4.x which is something the Platform team will see a lot when they release Juno.


If there are any questions around this decision I'll be happy to answer them tomorrow in the EAC conference call. The best place for technical discussions is of course the bug report.



christian campo


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Betreff: [] Reminder: AC Monthly Meeting tomorrw


Hi All,


Quick reminder that we’re going to have our monthly meeting tomorrow:


Anrew O is going to give a quick FOSDEM trip report.

Other agenda items are most welcome.





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